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Wool alternatives to plant fibre floorcoverings

I hate to upset plant fibre fans, but wool is very definitely a more hardwearing floorcovering - and it cleans (unlike plant fibres). Whilst natural coir, seagrass and sisal feel hard, it's a complete misconception they're better wearing than wool.

Wool is at once more flexible and stable, showing far less shrinkage or stretching problems. Natural plant fibres are OK for floors, but simply not as hardwearing as wool (or nylon for that matter).

So what do you do if you're a committed fan and nothing else seems to go with the ideas you had in mind for a rustic theme? Take a look at the New Way Fenland range, reminiscent of plant fibre construction yet much tougher. It will clean, wear and refit perfectly should you need to get under the floorboards.

Flatweave carpet alternative to plant fibres

Also worth considering is Victoria Carpet's Natural Collection - styles called Chenille, Sisal and Bouclé

Victoria Carpets ChenilleVictoria Carpets ChenilleVictoria Carpets sisal weaveVictoria Carpets sisal weaveVictoria Carpets boucleVictoria Carpets boucle

Not quite as authentic as Fenland, they nonetheless provide a great option for those prepared to sacrifice a little visual accuracy for hardwearing, cleanable floorcovering.

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