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Tony Mustoe's Carpets was established in 1978 by Tony himself. He started with Cheltenham Shopfitting and then moved to Whites Furniture store in Pittville Street, Cheltenham.

Tony opened his own carpet shop in 1964 at Gloucester Place
(Cheltenham Carpets) before he opened the current premises in the High Street. He was joined soon after by his wife Maureen, and two sons Frazer and Lee. Frazer still provides the carpet fitting whilst Lee makes websites.

Scott McCool started when he left school in 1980 and has now been part of the firm (and family) for 31 years! He's an extremely experienced salesman and estimator but regularly does fitting too.

Tony believed that no matter how large or small the job, the customer should always get excellent personal service. Although he passed away in 2002, Maureen, Scott, Frazer, Giles and Tracey still maintain his philosophy to this day.

Reputation and recommendation has always been the hallmark of Tony Mustoe's Carpets, a tradition carried out by offering a shop at home service and excellent fitting.

Tony and his staff have seen many famous carpet manufacturers come and go since the early 60's and now deal with about 30 of the best value for money suppliers, including Vanguard Carpets, Penthouse Carpets, Manx Carpets, Westex, BMK and Central Flooring.

Please ring on 01242 515047 and tell us how we can help you. Remember, reputations take years to build - excellence takes experience.