Consider These Brief Points Before Choosing

twist pile

Twist Pile

Most popular carpet choice, traditionally made from wool or wool blend. Polypropylene provides good stain resistance and at a cheaper cost. 100% wool is no better or worse than 80/20 blend.


Formerly referred to as "berber", being made from a tufted loop construction. Wool for domestic use, polypropylene for commercial lettings. Loop piles tend to show less flattening wear


Elegant and hardwearing choice which can show shading. Best made from wool or nylon. Wilton weave is top velvet choice, good quality tufteds come in as next best choice

Carpet pointers to look out for

Genuine factors giving extra wear include:
  • two-ply construction
  • 10th gauge construction
  • "bouncebackability" (nylon)
  • Wilton or Axminster weave
  • polypropylene (stain resistance)
  • British and New Zealand wools

Carpet pointers to beware of

Genuine factors giving extra wear include:
  • British wool only has to be 60% British to legally carry name
  • Stain free carpets - all polypropylene is stain free, no one brand is uniquely superior to any other in this respect despite marketing claims
  • "British Made" - means nothing except it is made in the UK, it doesn't mean you're getting British wool
  • Brand name buyouts - famous names may have been bought out to gain brand history despite the fact that this often means current carpet has nothing to do with original manufacturer
  • There is good wool and lesser quality wool. It has to do with the quality of the "staple" the manufacturer buys in, and how much is blended (legally) with inferior wool
  • It would be a mistake to be predjudiced against nylon, it's totally different from the 60s and 70s. Neither nylon or polypropylene give anymore static shocks than wool