Laminate floors

Laminate flooring was primarily a Scandinavian product that has been adopted by the world. Contrary to first impressions, there is no solid wood in laminate floors, they are made by laminating photographic cellulose paper onto high density fibreboard (HDF).
twist pile

The vast majority of laminate flooring is decorated with timber grain although there are some boards depicting marble and mineral effects. Whilst laminated paper may not seem to represent a hard wearing choice, laminate boards offer substantial wear guarantees.

Cheap laminate flooring products have been compromised with inferior surface wear layers, both to the top surface and the equally important underside. Lesser quality will likely show wear or chipping, especially to the edges. There will be a substantial price difference between laminate stacked on palettes at DIY warehouses and what a carpet shop will offer.

Professional fitting is approximately equal to the price of the laminate flooring itself so professional installtion ideally suits householders who want quality for longer term installations.

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Tony Mustoe's Carpets sell Quickstep flooring, known for it's quality. Quickstep ranges come in plain, 2 bevel and four bevel formats. STOP PRESS: We now have a range called Finz from Vanguard Carpets, much better in terms of price. Recent laminate insurance claims have been declined until we quoted for Finz.